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The other 2 pictures are of the strap that I need replaced, as you can see it is the Day Date 2 strap and not the same Day Dare 1 strap I have broken. As you know when I ordered the replica watches before you sent me the wrong replica watches with the wrong strap. So it seems only fair for you to replace my strap with the silver Day Date 2 strap in the picture. Asoon as you confirm this is all ok I will make my order, and as I said there is nowhere for me to comment about you sending me replacement strap or screws of the replica watches, I ask you to make sure this is all handled correctly for me please. After all I was sent and paid for the wrong replica watches 3 months ago so now I just want it all to be put right. I am going to order my replica watches now and I shall trust you to make aure all is ok, I am using your link provided to pay for it and get order nummber. Please send me my tracking number and confirm all is ok as soon as possible. Can you repair the defective replica watches for me please or get other replica watches, as I do want that model and will order it again or as soon as you can get it for me. For now I have attached a link, can you get me this model please with the cheap movement. This is a similar specification model replica watches sale to the one I wanted but just a different model. Please make sure you remember to send my my replacement Day Date 3 strap for my broken replica watches sale as promised, as you know that is the broken strap to the wrong replica watches sale you sent me previously.

I will wait but only if you keep better communication since I cannot wait much past the end of the month. Before you re send it to me please confirm the address as you have it so that there is no more confusion. You must have put it wrong since I had no problem receiving another replica watches sale from someone else in China within a timely manner. My post office would call when the replica watches sale arrives so maybe you never put my telephone number. That is very important since they cannot call without the number. The replica watches sale has to be signed for which is why telephone is so important.